Wonderveld Apothecary is a handmade, sustainable, ethical skincare line made with organic ingredients. 

Nature possesses all the ingredients we need to be at our healthiest, our most balanced – That is the vision and philosophy behind the Wonderveld Apothecary range. Our commitment is to the careful and purposeful crafting of naturally beneficial skin care products,  based on seasonal botanicals and holistic recipes. 

Plant-derived oils, butters, extracts and essential oils are nature's simple solution to synergistically promoting and maintaining a healthy, clear, calm and glowing complexion.

Every ingredient is hand-selected to serve a specific skin care need. Herbs and flowers are selected for their potency and mixed with the highest quality oils to provide nurturing, preventative and restorative care for all skin types.

All Wonderveld Apothecary products are carefully made in small batches, by me, in my tiny studio, and are designed to simplify the way you care for skin and yourself. No products are ever tested on animals.


Wonderveld Manifesto

It was the desire of living a more conscious and authentic life has led to a new journey of developing a brand that encompasses the values of permanency, quality, attentive craft design, sustainable practices, and social awareness.

The start of any change in our lives begins with parting ourselves with the old so new, fresh, and long-lasting experiences can enter our lives. On a material level, this translates to decluttering from fleeting trends, making conscious choices regarding purchases whether it is for your home or your lifestyle.

Bearing in mind the above, we have handpicked products that hold the qualities of Wonderveld’s core ethos, bringing you an array of authentic products that can enrich your lives of beauty, style, nourishment and memory.

As well as design and lifestyle concepts, Wonderveld features fresh produce, a handmade sustainable and ethical skincare line and attentive craft-design objects.


About our Founder

Marcii Magson founder of Wonderveld Apothecary has been making botanical infusions and formulations with her own hands for the last three years whilst learning the wisdom of fynbos and local herb lore. Her passion for this practice is rooted in the time spent with her grandmother on a farm in the Karoo where she taught her how to make salve from fynbos from an early age. She is an artist at heart who is inspired by nature’s shapes, forms, and textures but her inner voice called her to further explore her making of potions, lotions, and infusions of oils by studying organic skincare and herbalism. This practice has transformed her relationship with her body and health, as well as deepened her connection to the earth. In Africa, we have a saying that if you find something good, you must pass it on. And so she wishes to pass this wisdom and ritual on to you. May you find simple joy in caring for your body and returning to the ancient ways of enjoying the ritual of herbal remedies.

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