After my baby daughter was born I found that through massage and using a carefully formulated botanical oil that have beautiful aromas -  is a great way to bond with my baby and to help soothe and calm her after a warm bath which can help with sleep.

I also wanted to find something that can lock the moisture in my baby's skin even in our often harsh climate - Namibia. 

I formulated the Wonderveld Apothecary BABY BOTANICAL MASSAGE OIL for the following reasons.
 A good massage, makes your little one feel happy and comfortable. It strengthens bones & muscles, improves skin elasticity, helps in digestion and easing teething pain. Using only Natural carrier oils like Almond, Coconut, Sesame, Avocado oil, Jojoba, together with calming, aromatic and hydrating essential oils like Rosemary, Lavender & Rose hip seed oil. Importantly It’s also free from harmful chemicals, mineral oils and synthetic fragrances.
So what does it mean to Get in touch with your baby through baby massage?
Baby massage is more than just making baby relaxed. It is skin stimulation improving brain development that fosters a deep connection with baby creating trust and bonding.
I found that baby massages worked from around 8 weeks of age when they are having more periods of being awake and alert. 
There are emotional and physical benefits to massage for baby too.
Physically, babies love soft touch. Massage can improve circulation, relax the muscles and create joint flexibility.
Emotionally, babies have a release of endorphins making them feel relaxed and comforted.
How to prepare for your Baby Massage:
Create a warm environment where soft touch can make a baby feel calm and safe.
  • Remove jewellery
  • Wash hands
  • Dim the lights or close the curtains
  • Find a safe comfortable place
  • Place a towel down to protect carpet or furnishings from oil
Practical Techniques - guideline only
Make strokes gentle but slightly firm and follow baby’s signals about when to stop.
  • Put baby on their backs, bend baby’s knees up towards their tummy gently and rotate their knees clockwise over their tummy.
  • Make sure your hands and nice and warm and place your hand on baby’s chest. Make strokes down the abdomen, then down one leg. Repeat with the other leg.
  • Place your hands on your baby’s chest, massage up and over the shoulders and down to the hands. Then repeat.
  • Lay baby on their tummy, using long firm strokes, stroke from the top of the head down towards the feet.
Just after a bath or after a nappy change when they are awake but settled is best.
A massage can last 5 to 20 minutes, depending on how settled and content baby is. Read your babies cues and responses to know what they like and what they don't like. 
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