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Love the smell of roses and their super rich Anti Oxidants, then this bundle is for you.

1 x Rose water Toner 

100 ml

Our Rose water toner is super rich in Anti Oxidants and is suitable for all skin types including Sensitive skin. It will help to maintain skins PH balance and control excess oils. It can help to get rid of any inflamed skin, eczema, breakouts and even acne.

1 x Rosehip Bio-Regenerate

30 ml

The focus of this highly regenerative multi-tasking rosehip face oil is that it tackles hormonal issues such as blemishes, dryness, dullness, pigmentation, redness and acne scarring. ROSEHIP OIL BENEFITS FOR SKIN: Evens Skin Tone, Nourish, Brighten + Soften skin tone. It is highly regenerative. Speeds up healing of persistent blemishes. Condition and deep hydration of dry, lacklustre skin. Improves dullness, pigmentation and fine lines.