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We put all of our 100% organic baby skincare essentials in one bundle. Think of it as a handy kit to help you survive baby's first twelve months and after. Love, cuddle & massage friendly.

Safely and gently nourish and protect baby’s delicate skin with these 100% organic baby essentials at a wonder discount!
1 x Botanical Baby Calming Mist
250 ml
This gentle and organic aromatherapy spray mist is suitable for everyone, including those with sensitive skin. It soothes and calms baby's senses and promotes restful sleep. The fresh enchanting fragrance helps babies relax and is a wonderful addition to bedtime routine. Safe and effective natural and organic ingredients. Free from chemicals, residue, fragrance-and color-additives. Suitable for all skin types and all ages. Handmade with Love.
1 x Baby Botanical Massage oil
50 ml
This soothing and gentle massage oil is perfect for nurturing Mama’s and Baby’s sensitive skin. Massage into baby's skin after bath time to reduce dryness, stimulate healthful circulation, and activate developing muscles—or use it to help rejuvenate postpartum skin and give tired mom-muscles some much needed stress relief! You can also pour a small amount into bathwater for a luxurious pampering soak.
1 x Baby Botanical Chest Rub
50 ml
Chest rubs are superior herbal alternatives. Utilising seasonal botanical ingredients that have traditionally been used to soothe occasional respiratory discomfort. The Baby Chest Rub is wonderfully aromatic and infused with calming goodness and is gentle enough for babies over 6 months.
1 x Baby Balm
50 ml
Our nourishing, extra-rich Baby Balm is the ultimate in hydration, with botanical ingredients to comfort even the most sensitive skin. Gently calm and protect delicate or sensitive skin on any part of the body, particularly good as a nappy cream. Feel free to use it from top to bottom. Slather as needed & seal it with a kiss.
1 x Mommy's Balm
50 ml
Give that beautiful belly some love with this botanical belly butter to help prevent and reduce stretch marks. Soothing blend of organic Shea Butter and essential oils to replenish skin and promote elasticity. Safe during pregnancy for use on belly, hips, breasts and more.