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Himalayan the purest salt in the world is thought to lower blood pressure, detoxify the body of heavy metals, promote healthier sleep patterns and stabilize the pH within cells.

Directions: Stir before use. Massage gently into the skin while in the shower or bath, giving yourself a wonderfully invigorating body scrub. Wash off with warm water.
Ingredients: Essential Oils of Bergamot • Neroli • Argan oil • Vit E oil• Coconut oil • Shea butter • Himalayan Salt • Oatmeal
We suggest doing a patch test of this scrub on the inside of your wrist or nape of your neck to check for allergic reactions.
This is an anhydrous (oil-based) product which does not contain a preservative. Be careful not to contaminate it with water or microbes from hand contact. If contamination of the product is suspected, dispose of it immediately.